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2009 Industry Review Ceramic Base is the headquarters booming
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In recent years, Foshan ceramics industry going through a soul-stirring and far-reaching adjustments, and the "Headquarters Economy" is the Foshan ceramics industry to upgrade the core proposition. In the past 2009, in the global economic crisis, the demand slowdown, export constraints, and many other factors, the background, China's ceramic industry had hand in the headquarters base of a beautiful report card: 2009, a total of 32 brands signing stationed Ceramic headquarters base, settled in an area of more than 76,000 square meters. At present, the headquarters base of ceramic investment situation is gratifying to realize 80% occupancy rate contract stated objectives, expected by 2010 to achieve 100% of the contracted occupancy rate. Ceramic Industry "Headquarters Economy" building fruitful.

?????In July 2007, China Ceramic City upgrade formal "project" and the name "Chinese Ceramics Industry Headquarters Base"; September 28, "Chinese Ceramics Industry Headquarters Base" project foundation stone laying ceremony awarding ceremony was held, marking the China's first in the ceramic industry as the main base for the official birth of the professional headquarters; November 16, China's ceramic industry headquarters base in the global investment-cum-brand merchants signing ceremony of start-up; October 18, 2008, in the global financial crisis ravaging the economy environment, the Chinese ceramic industry headquarters base in the warm open operation. At this point, Foshan ceramics development "Headquarters Economy" With the substantial carrier, including RAK (Ras al-Khaimah), Dongpeng, Bode, Ge Shi Tao, mango, etc. are dozens of well-known Saidesibang Ceramic Brands have the firm's strategic decision-making headquarters, marketing, marketing headquarters or regional headquarters in China, the headquarters location of ceramic base.

??????Financial crisis, economic environment, the ceramic base is how to make the world headquarters of ceramic enterprises rush it? Bottom the global financial crisis, China's economy is showing a "V"-type rebound posture, in the new economic situation, the Foshan ceramics industry to continue to practice and deepen the "Headquarters Economy" the road is particularly important, while the headquarters base of a ceramic The practice of more than a year has been great concern.

??????Ports of high-end enterprise and landed Ceramic

??????Foshan ceramics industry to upgrade the objectives directed at a world-class industrial base, is committed to create "the world's ceramic capital" and, as the Foshan municipal government building ceramics industry, "Headquarters Economy" project the first floor, ceramic base by virtue of the international headquarters of the positioning, attracted well-known ceramic sanitary home and abroad enterprises and landed. Dongpeng, Bode, Ge Shi Tao, Hing-fai, Saidesibang, mango, St Versailles, meaning the United States suitable home, the stars would treasure such a large number of top-rated cleaning ceramic bathroom ceramics brands as early as the headquarters base construction to start at the beginning be the first stationed; world's second largest ceramic tile manufacturer RAK (Ras al-Khaimah), from Italy, the Kingdom of excellent brand building ceramics St. Augustine small ceramic tile giant Eishiro Japan has long been the regional marketing headquarters of the Chinese Ceramic Headquarters Location base.

??????Because accurate positioning, planning and reasonable, ceramic headquarters base not only for Foshan and other domestic companies choose the ceramic-producing areas, but also has been recognized internationally renowned brands.

??????In 2009, the pride of Jiajun Ceramics Ceramic Ceramic headquarters stationed in bases, and winning in nearly 8,000 square meters of headquarters building. A flower drawn flowers open, ceramic Headquarters Company was stationed in a base contract blowout trend, Xintai, and high-resolution, Omega, Mandarin, New porcelain, pottery and other well-known Sears brands from the headquarters base of ceramic; Italy Kyrgyzstan Shi Pu bathroom, Greece ABM Building Materials Group, Rui Shini Roglan ceramics and some other brands with an international origin, strategic choice and the headquarters base of ceramic hand, have its global headquarters in the core values of sector to the ceramic base; In addition, Ammon, Rong Gao, Blair, Ma Lazi, Aston Gough, all friends, the Silk Road porcelain Code, English, Po Ka ? Ke Nuowei, Yanchao, New Wing-shing, comfortable, ultra-flat, Jiayi, Kanis, Wei Po, Wei Di Shi, Sheehan, Ellis Building, Kemi Da building materials ceramic 32 brands have signed the headquarters base.

??????So far, ceramics headquarters stationed in the base rate has reached 80%, stationed in business apart from Foshan domestic brands, there are also from Guangdong, East China, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei and other producing areas and other domestic brands, but also from Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Japan and other international brand.

??????Brands ceramic headquarters beginning to appear

??????Late last year, "2009 Eighth China (Foshan) Ceramic Sanitary Ware private entrepreneurs Annual Meeting" held in Foshan, in the presentation part of the organizing committee of "2009 China's ceramic industry based economy, especially the Contribution Award" This award is granted to a ceramic headquarters base, the headquarters base in recognition of ceramic industry in the promotion of Chinese ceramics "headquarters economy" in indelible contribution.

??????December 17, following the Xintai and global marketing center in the ceramics after the headquarters base of the grand voyage; December 23, ceramic base Adds force headquarters, marketing headquarters in China and the United States Kerry gorgeous bloom. In fact, since 2009, one group after another, and, like Xintai, China and the United States, like Kerry headquarters base of the brand in ceramics have opened its doors on Ruishi Ni Roglan ceramics, An Naqi Bath, St Versailles, all Friends of the bathroom, Opal is still home, Owen Lay and other companies have marketing headquarters at the intersection before and after the 14th Tao warm open; In addition, RAK (Ras al-Khaimah) China regional headquarters opening soon, Jiajun Ceramics very European style of the royal family's "Jiajun palace" beginning to appear; waves whale bath water element as a selling point of marketing headquarters has been loaded into the horizontal phase of ... ... In order to meet the intersection of 15th Session of the arrival of pottery, Italy Jishi Pu, Omega, pottery Sears, Mala Zi and so a repair a large number of companies are also marketing headquarters to ensure that the most perfect posture to meet Chinese and foreign businessmen.

??????Is now the headquarters of ceramic base, like a small city, style, chic corporate headquarters-rise buildings, surrounded by lush trees During this period, Spring Grass lawns and shady trees in the landscape, there are small bridges, fine spring of Yun Zhi. In the patchwork of ecological BUILDINGS, criss-crossed along with a small part of the body floor is being renovated, even the decoration COASTER BAMBOO HOLDER everywhere, but the floor, body outline the contours of the grand buildings that accentuates Queba everywhere has witnessed a vibrant, thriving scene, ceramic headquarters beginning to appear.

??????Complete set of the gradual deepening of the connotation Headquarters

????"2009, ceramic base in the first phase of the headquarters of the investment is progressing smoothly; in 2010 will start the second phase of construction ceramics headquarters base and improve the ceramic base of a number of supporting headquarters." According to Chinese Ceramics City China Ceramics Industry Headquarters, Executive Director of weeks base Army said that in 2010 In addition to ensuring the achievement of 100% occupancy rate and 90% opening rate, the stage has been feverishly planning to establish a "Chinese Ceramics Museum" and other cultural projects.

??????According to Zhou Jun introduction, ceramic base has headquarters in October last year, formally established the "China Ceramic Industry Information Center," has been employed, "Tao City newspaper" The main founded, Chinese ceramic sanitary industrial policies and market information on highly qualified experts as Mr. Zhang Yongnong the post of Director of the Center. It is reported that the center will be through data, new products, news, market, policy, intellectual property and other six areas of expertise, information, collection, analysis, sorting, and for the ceramic enterprises with the appropriate information services. Insiders pointed out that: "China Ceramic Industry Information Center for the sound development of ceramic industry, has set up a high-end interactive platforms, and its formal establishment and operation of the industry's overall competitiveness will be enhanced flow of information to build the most active platforms!"

??????With the second phase of ceramic base headquarters building and related facilities to improve and the "China Ceramic Industry Information Center," the official operations, coupled with ceramic base has been the headquarters of "hardware" - Chinese ceramic history and culture gallery and the "China Light "theme sculpture, the two cultural projects for the headquarters of Foshan ceramics have been fitted with long-term economic development of a powerful impetus to the engine.

??????The economic rebound is not a simple return of a passive industrial adjustment is not seasonal. Currently, the international financial crisis, the haze is gradually dispersed, Foshan ceramics industry has quietly and quickly completed the deployment of an industrial transformation and upgrading. Foshan Ceramics Industry "Headquarters Economy" the connotation of being constantly deepened a ceramic sanitary ware as the main commerce giant is rising, Foshan ceramics industry, apart from words against a world-class metropolis, but also the imperial ceramic industry is moving towards the central step.


??????Separation of boosting industrial transformation and upgrading production and marketing

??????In 2007, its called the Foshan ceramics industry ceramics "headquarter economy first year." That year in July, since the Foshan municipal government issued the "three document" clear support for the development of Foshan ceramics industry, "headquarters economy" after "supporting the growth of a group, transform and elevate the group, transfer out of a group of" under the guidance of the strategic thinking, speed up promote the ceramics industry to adjust to upgrade.

??????However, when the "Headquarters Economy" is not favored. We have been fears that, as the birthplace of China's modern building ceramics industry, Foshan ceramics industry will not face the "hollowing out" of the crisis? Foshan ceramics industry for the development of "Headquarters Economy", the Beijing Municipal Academy of Social Sciences Economic Research Institute, known as "China's economy based first person," said Mr. Zhao Hong, an economist said that "the development of headquarters economy is beneficial to bring information, finance, intermediary, logistics and other new services development, creating a 'multiplier effect', which will help improve the regional economic impact. "Zhao Hong explained that the relocation of production base of business in the short term would be a definite impact on the original location, but" Headquarters - Production Base "separation, the company is likely to achieve faster and better development.

??????Since 2008, with industrial expansion, re-layout, cost minimization, profit maximization and the connotation of the transfer of building and sanitary ceramics industry across the whole country rise to the high-An, Jiangxi, represented nearly one county-level government came to Foshan Investment, hoping to undertake the transfer of Foshan ceramics industry, precisely because of Foshan ceramics industry, "Headquarters Economy", gave birth to a high security, such as Jiangxi, Fengcheng, Hunan Hengyang, Yueyang, Inner Mongolia Erdos, represented by nearly 10 new ceramic-producing areas. " 'Foshan Ceramics' blossom everywhere, in the production line at the same time away, but also attracting more corporate headquarters to take root Foshan ceramic sanitary ware, 'based economy' is by no means a simple industrial hollowing out, but is quietly changing the pattern of the nation's ceramic industry. "The industry experienced analysts, is precisely the" headquarters economy "that prompted the nationwide building and sanitary ceramics industry transfer, expansion, re-layout led the national building and sanitary ceramics industry, a balanced development of various production areas to accelerate progress and quality of products brand to enhance and promote China's building and sanitary ceramics to further improve industrial competitiveness.

??????In recent years, "headquarter economy" became the city's economic development in China a bright spot, New York, Hong Kong and other cities on the "Headquarters Economy" in practice, in the country has been widely used. Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, although not a strong production base, but because of commerce, driven by the industry, with a perfect market service system, and become a "world supermarket" and a "commodity, large industry" is known overseas. Facts have proved that the development of "Headquarters Economy" for promoting a region's economic development.

??????The moment of Foshan ceramics industry, and no large-scale ceramic corporate headquarters relocation. Moreover, the ceramics company in Foshan, part of the relocation of their production, the United Arab Emirates RAK (Ras al-Khaimah), Italy San Augustine Ding, Switzerland, Nile, as well as in Japan Eishiro pottery industry in Hebei province (which is meant amenity home), Jiangxi sun ceramics, Zhejiang stars will be clean treasure, Hangzhou 100 Noriyoshi, Kaiping of Ammon, etc. from around the country and even the world's major ceramic producing areas of the enterprise, the enterprise's marketing headquarters have moved to ceramics ABP. On behalf of the headquarters base for the ceramic industry to upgrade platform, attracting a large number of ceramic production enterprise based Foshan, the layout of the country, Going Global. A capital as the link map of Foshan ceramics industry is highlighting China's vast territory, Foshan ceramics industry "headquarters economy" to flourish.
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