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Ceramics Edition "Bruce Lee," was shown in Shanghai World Expo
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??? For seven consecutive days starting today, Foshan will be the protagonist of the Shanghai World Expo exhibition center. January 22 to 28 at the "World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, Foshan case referral Week" to Bruce Lee as the prototype creation of multimedia Shiwan figurine will interpret "CH IN A Kung Fu Hustle" to demonstrate the culture of Foshan ceramics. It is learned that, Foshan is the only Session will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Promotion Week in prefecture-level city.
???"Bruce Lee" Live to promote Foshan
??????The promotion, Foshan ceramics culture, and the ceramic industry as the core elements to "civilized mode of transmission of Foshan in Foshan --- Tao culture, past, present and future" as the theme of the exhibition, to southerly old kitchen into a base of cultural and creative ceramic the case, through the thousands of pictures, using multimedia display, Foshan ceramic culture.
??????Among them, showing a multi-site installations of Bruce Lee as the prototype creation of multimedia Shiwan dolls, will become the protagonist in Foshan referral. A body of each doll have installed a small television sets, mobile phones, M P4, computers, etc. can be recycled Play Shanghai World Expo will be broadcast, let the audience directly felt Foshan ceramic culture.
??????Referral weeks work will be moved to Foshan
??????Promotion Week theme of today's exhibition will feature representatives of Foshan ceramic culture, past and present. Among them, Foshan ceramic culture and history will demonstrate the combination of the physical heritage and collage; on behalf of Foshan ceramic culture, present and future of a variety of innovative ceramic products (Luminous brick, brick water seepage, soft ceramics, striae tile, metal tile, etc.) combination of the collage display.
??????Shanghai's referral weeks after the end of all the participating works and activities as well as display methods will be moved to Foshan, Foshan ceramics combining cultural and ceramic industries, the establishment of large-scale exhibition center, and the establishment of the Shanghai World Expo Promotion Center Pearl River Delta.
??????The audience can play outdoor pottery
??????It is understood that, Foshan case Promotion Week will be held during the opening ceremony, press conference, "civilized mode of transmission of Foshan topic" seminars. In addition, Foshan will also hold a period of 134 days of the large-scale international plaza outdoor ceramics show, the World Expo site visitors will be able to play pottery, enjoy the extensive and profound culture of Foshan ceramics.
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