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Yixing Juhong Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in Yixing – the pottery capital on the west bank of the Lake Taihu. The company is wholly owned by British European Ceramics Company with over 140 employees including 20 more technicians. An R&D center for inorganic materials has been set up. The company was ISO9002 certified. Main products are produced in accordance with international standards. The company is the renowned supplier of ceramics for welding, engineering, electronics and electrical appliances in China with customers all over Asia, Europe, and America.

Main Products:
一、Thermal-Shock Resistant Ceramics:

1、Various British ceramic cups for arc welding; air sifter for CO2 welding.;
2、Ceramic protecting jacket, shunt for plasma cutting;
3、Ceramic liner for welding of steel structure;
4、Ceramic protecting hood for screw welding;
5、Ceramic lining for crawler electrothermal tempering, etc。

二、Abrasion Resistant Ceramics:

1、Ceramic parts, tubes, elbows for various machines;
2、Ceramic lining, patch, valve block for fans;
3、Textile ceramics, etc。

三、High Impedance Insulating Ceramics:

1、Ceramic insulator for high, medium, low tension ignitor;
2、Ceramic connector frame for electrical appliances;
3、Ceramic shell for medium to large power resistors;
4、Thick film circuit substrate and ceramic surface metallization;

The above products could be supplied with the following materials according to customer needs:
1、alumina ceramic(A1203 30~96%)
2、silicon nitride ceramics(Si3N4)
3、alumina titanate ceramics(A12Ti05)
4、steatite ceramics(Si02·MgO)
5、cordierite ceramics(2MgO·2Al203·5Si02)?
6、zirconia ceramics(ZrO2)